Reprint of the Nautical Almanac for USCG Examination Now available in printed format

Book cover image

you can download a free PDF copy of the Nautical Almanac used for USCG Deck Examinations from our Members Only Area, but  we have published a paperback copy for those that prefer a “BOOK” for use in examination preparation.

Member’s Area

Welcome Aboard Shipmates!

Our goal is to provide our members with a comprehensive collection of  free public domain and copyright holder authorized Navigation and Merchant Marine publications that will assist them in academic achievement and improve Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). We hope to make this a true international effort with contributions from members from throughout the Maritime industry.

We will start by adding United States Navigation Publications over the next few weeks and other international publications as we receive them. The publications will be offered in English and other languages, if available. As we add publications we will makes announcements in our blog the “Navigator’s Log”.