Merchant Marine Training Services and Nautilus Education Systems have been dedicated to improving the Safety of Life at Sea through Consulting, Training, and Publishing of textbooks and software since 1985. I will be continuing this endeavor by providing a platform for my colleagues from around the world and me to publish and share our work to meet the above goal.

We have undertaken an authorship program that includes scholars from the United States, Mainland China, and Taiwan. We are developing a series of textbooks and workbooks that will be used in classes in the US and Internationally and will be offered for public sale. These publications will be written in a manner that is easy to read, published in English and are unique in that all calculations are worked-out.

Additionally, We have created a member’s area that will allow our members to download free public domain Navigation and Merchant Marine publications that are useful for mariners studying for licensure and to promote maritime safety.

My newest project is an eLearning Portal that will include online courses for international students and an Examination Preparation database for USCG licensure.