Terrestrial Navigation Workbook Revised 13 October 2012

The Chapter 1 of the Terrestrial Navigation Workbook, Tidal currents and Tides calculations has been revised to reflect the new questions add as part of the US Coast Guards newly released data base. New questions were added to the data base for Tides, Tidal Currents, Duration of Slack, Rotary Currents, Wind Driven Currents and Combination Currents. All added questions are worked-out.

We have developed this series of training manuals to assist the Merchant Mariner in passing the U.S. Coast Guard Licensing Examinations, from Master 500 GT to 2nd Mate Unlimited Upon Oceans.

These manuals have been developed to augment our current textbooks for Mariners and are modular in design incorporating practical exercises and actual U.S. Coast Guard examination questions with all questions worked-out. A description of this manual follows:

Volume II part 1, provides an in-depth understanding of Terrestrial Calculation found US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Examinations through 2nd Mate Unlimited, subject matter areas includes Tides and Currents, Speed by RPM, SOA, Slip and Fuel Consumption Calculations.

Revised 10/13/2012

2 thoughts on “Terrestrial Navigation Workbook Revised 13 October 2012

  1. These materials look quite interesting. I currently hold a near costal 200 GRT MMD and have the sea service to increase to 1600. These materials seem to cover what I’m trying to accomplish, is that the case?


    • Tony;

      Many individuals have used the workbooks to assist them to master the calculations required as part of the USCG exams. The books contain the USCG questions requiring calculations with each problem worked out.


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