USCG Deck Examination Questions Returned to the USCG Web Sites

The Coast Guard has posted the merchant mariner exam questions on their web site as on 09-20-2012, however, associated illustrations have not been included at this time.  The Coast Guard is reviewing the legal issues associated with copyright laws regarding the publishing of 3rd party illustrations.  Once that review is completed the Coast Guard will make a decision regarding the legality of posting the illustrations. The link is

We will be adding the data base to our web site for download ASAP.


Navigation Publications


Every vessel should carry the charts and publications required for its safe operation. These include the Navigation Rules – International-Inland, all charts applicable for the vessel’s navigational area of operation, and appropriate publications pertinent to navigation.

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Pleas click on the links below. They  will take you to the download area the specific publications. NOTE many of the publications are very large and will require a high-speed connection.

USCG Merchant Marine Deck Examination Reference Materials

General Navigation Publications

U. S. Light Lists

U. S. Coast Pilots

List of Lights

Nautical Rules of the Road (2014)

Sight Reduction Tables, Pub 229

US VTS Users Manuals

USCG Deck Examination Questions

Coming Soon

USCG Engineering Examination Questions

.MPA, The International Maritime Pilots’ Association Information