NEVA 2013 International shipping, shipbuilding, and offshore energy exhibition, 24-27 September 2013

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Dear Colleague,

For over 20 years since 1991 the NEVA International Exhibitions and conferences have successfully promoted the massive redevelopment of the Russian commercial maritime industries.

The great success of the NEVA Exhibition was based on the effective presentation of the most modern technologies and equipment available to meet the large-scale demands of the Russian commercial maritime industries and administrations to develop the urgently required renewal of the shipbuilding, shipyard, ship equipment industries, the sea and inland waterways shipping fleets, the marine support sector for the offshore energy expansion and for the ports systems throughout the Russian Federation.

The NEVA Exhibition Programmes provide the greatest opportunities to present and promote products and services on a practical business-to-business platform. It is fully recognized that the new technologies and engineering expertise are often available from manufacturers and suppliers outside Russia and the market is therefore “open for business” to exhibitors from around the world.

S. B. Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Maritime Collegium under the Government of the Russian Federation, at the Opening Ceremony of the International “NEVA-2011” Exhibition, 20th September 2011 stated: “…The theme for this exhibition encompasses all stages in the development and operation of ships and marine equipment, advanced methods of navigation and logistics, innovative tools and technologies for the extraction of mineral resources… We will continue to expand the potential of the Forum, make it more convenient to conclude contracts, develop international cooperation in the domain of shipbuilding and shipping and also in areas of port activities, and develop the natural resources of the oceans. I declare, as the Chairman of the Maritime Collegium under the Government of the Russian Federation, under whose auspices the Exhibition is traditionally held: “We are fully open to cooperation! We are ready to demonstrate our new technology and capabilities! We plan, increasingly, to enter the world market with our own competitive products!

This reality was reflected by the participation of many hundreds of international companies among the 1200 participants from over 50 countries at NEVA -2011. Over 17000 professional visitors were registered during the four-day Event. These numbers are expected to increase further at NEVA 2013 .Each event welcomes thousands of senior directors and managers –
-we expect over 25,000 qualified professional visitors in 2013.

Supported by the leading administrations and enterprises in Russia and by  increasing number of domestic and global exhibitors, NEVA 2013 will build on this historic platform to accelerate the future expansion and investment required to re-establish the influential position of the country in the world wide market place. Direct access to the fastest growth markets of Russia’s maritime and ocean industries remains the priority purpose of NEVA 2013.

With each exhibition the numbers of foreign exhibitors and national pavilions increase. NEVA provides the unique gateway to meet the shipping and offshore energy executives from all regions of this massive country “under one roof during the four day program in St. Petersburg, the “Maritime Capital of Russia”. Each exhibition continuously presents the developments, activities and opportunities for the mainstream industries, each NEVA also introduces new areas of focus

In mid-December 2011 Russia acceded to the World Trade Organization after eighteen years of intensive negotiations. So the world’s sixth largest economy has finally entered the principal global structure which encourages the rationalization, simplification and acceleration of international trade and commerce. After this historic step Russia anticipates the growth of its economy to become the fourth largest in future years. In the words of First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov “Our partners expect to benefit from easier access to the Russian market, a more stable and predictable business climate ….and our industry will be encouraged to increase innovation, to modernize and diversify.”The Russian market offers ample business opportunities. The transport sector and the offshore oil and gas and shipbuilding industries show tremendous growth on all fronts.

Separately Russia has concluded new free-trade agreements with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and plans are well advanced to create a single economic union between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Greater freedom of trade will also be encouraged by discussions to practically improve conditions for more open business with the European Free Trade Association. Russia looks for fundamental improvements in business opportunities with Asia and the Pacific Rim when hosting the APEC Summit in 2012.

It is fully acknowledged that these developments rely significantly on the upgrading and modernization of Russia’s transport systems and in particular of the country’s Shipbuilding, Ship Equipment, Sea Shipping, Sea Ports, Marine Offshore Energy Sector and the massive Inland Waterways Systems. These central pillars of the transport systems require state-of-the-art modern infrastructure and technologies. In many cases these facilities can currently be found outside Russia. Russian administrations, institutes, design bureau and commercial industries are actively seeking to develop international cooperation and new international partnerships to boost the implementation of urgently required investment and technical improvements.

The real growth and financial strength of these industries will again be reflected in the expansion and influence of the NEVA 2013 Exhibition which will occupy all Halls of the Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.

NEVA during over 20 years of its history has built a reputation for high professionalism and organization. To join this continuing success and to improve your market position with Russian buyers and partners please now complete and return your Exhibition Space Application Form.

Welcome to NEVA 2013 in St. Petersburg.

Yours sincerely,
Roderick Keay
General Director




NEVA 2013 International shipping, shipbuilding, and offshore energy exhibition, 24-27 September 2013

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